I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 2 1/2 year ago, you started to stand by my side and since that time, you are here for me. I’ve heard a lot, deepen myself, sometimes I wanted to give up, but you always straighten me and speak strictly to me, what was good. He is still with me, and it is much better, for what I would like to thank you and your activities. Your rituals, instructions and meditations, you’ve done and you are still doing for me are very helpful. I’ve found through you again also my path to God.

I don’t know, how more can I express my gratitude. I miss our conversations.

With love

P.Y.r customers have said about your business." (london uk)

"my man is back, and I don't know, how to express my gratitude. No words, no money of this world can describe my happiness, which I'm experiencing now.

PS: It is unbelievable, how you have helped me. I mean, not just with my relationship, but also help to my soul! I have different view of my family and also my attitude to all happenings and problems is different.

Thank you!

I'm looking forward to hear you."

Eva (london uk)

"Hello my dear friends!

I simply would like to send you my best wishes and thank you again for everything.

My private life and job go very well!

I am thankful that you were my guide during my tough times!

All the best" ( Paris fr)

''I cannot say thank you enough for your assistance dr Bambo in fixing our marriage. Fighting is a thing of the past and we are closer than we used to be. You are blessed and amazing. Elizabeth (London, UK)''

'' DR Bambo , my offer to fly you to New York still stands. It’s the least I can do for your help and support. I still cannot believe you took me out of depression when medication failed.

Above all, you returned my hobby from that snatcher. I am forever indebted to you. Please let me know when you are ready to travel and its all on me. (J Roberts of New York) ''

'' Prof She said “Yes”, wedding date out soon! Please come and celebrate with us. We are because of you. I could not hide it from her that you made it happen and she is dying to meet you.

We owe it to you Prof. Alessandro (LONDON)''

''Truly speaking I thought I will never ever have a good relationship my entire life. Even worse after being conned by dubious psychics. I came to you dr Bambo chancing after a conversation with a friend.

Right now, you are one of the most important people in my life because you gave me an opportunity to live happy again and smile.

Thank you Sir, I pray that God protects you as you spread the love and happiness this world needs – (Dublin). ''

 '' If the world was fair, Dr Bambo would deserve a Nobel trophy for his endless efforts to serve the world. Since I met you Dr Bambo , I own an events company; I bought my second house,

I have so far traveled to 32 countries on holidays, I am pregnant again (Doctors said I will never fall pregnant after life threatening operation).

I am writing a book about my life turning around and you are at the centre of it all Prof. THANK YOU SINCERELY: (london , uk) ''

Make your move now,

why wait!


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